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"Fall"-ing In Love

~Falling In Love InThe Fall~         Isn’t it ROMANTIC!!! I had the privilege this past week to photograph some Engagement pictures outside in Colorado’s Fall Season. The leaves created such a ‘Naturally Beautiful’ background for this excited couple.       I think the best kind of pictures are when you have to do a double-take to take in all that the photo has captivated. Below, the ring stands out a-top the pile of leaves and bark displaying a crisp and clear sparkle of diamonds. The couple is faded in the backdrop with obvious smiles and a sentiment of the wonders and joys of the upcoming future events of marriage… “They Lay In Wait For What Is Ahead Of Them”   Visit our website or call to set up your personalized session! www.oliverphotography.com...

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Senior Sessions Still Going Strong

Time is of the essence~   We will help you find the location that best suits your needs.   Still Going Strong Creating Senior Portraits    YB deadlines are approaching, so let us help you get them in on time!  Call or visit us online 303-666-6672...

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Boulder Country Day  celebrates ~GRAND FRIENDS DAY 2012~ http://bouldercountryday.org  GrandFriends sit in with students  to experience the classroom environment!  There are many families and friends that pose for their  pictures outside during the festivities!  Head Master- Mike Shields is a great sport!      Every year I enjoy taking these memorable photographs for Boulder Country Day School. What a great group of families and friends!  ~Visit our website for all of your photography needs!~...

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Senior sessions are pretty cool for the guys too! We encourage our clients to bring some type of prop to incorporate into your pictures. These are used to assist you in portraying your individual style. When we say “props” we mean any portable object, “BIG” or “small”.  In early July this year we really went “BIG” with Trevor in incorporating his motorcycle and car into his senior photo’s. After all-they are two of the most important things for guys during their High School years! “Boys & their...

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     The beauty of photography is that you are never done. There’s always more to learn, always more experimenting, more trial and error. “Photo stitching” is one of those fun to play with things.        Above is a panorama of an amphitheater in Israel. It is comprised of ten individual vertical photographs stitched together. There are a number of software options for this but I used Photoshop and it seemed to work fairly...

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