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Why Seniors Choose Oliver Photography More Than Any Other Studio

More choices. At Oliver Photography, you choose the photography you want. There are different session styles that allow you to select the photographic looks that fit your personality.

More variety. The real focus is on having a great time during your session. Your high school senior photographer, Mike Oliver, knows how to make you feel completely at ease in front of the camera. If you feel comfortable, you’ll look terrific.

Don’t Trust Just Anyone

Just because your friend bought a nice pair of scissors would it make sense to let her cut your hair? NO!
I’ve heard people say, “My friend has a nice camera, I’ll just get him to do my pictures”. Well, here’s something to consider… Can you trust your once-in-a-lifetime high school senior portrait to a once-in-a-while (or hardly ever) photographer? Anyone with a camera can point it at you and take your picture. But there’s a big difference between a snapshot and a professional portrait.

Ten years from now, you probably won’t remember your high school senior photographer’s name, or what day of the week your session was on, or even how much you paid for your high school photos. But you will still have your senior portraits to look at, as a daily reminder of some of the best days of your life. The choice you make for your photographer today will determine whether you smile or cringe when you look at your portraits for the rest of your life.

Make the right choice. Choose Oliver Photography.

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Oliver Photography specializes in senior portraits in the Boulder area. Our high school senior portraits capture you at your best during this special time of your life.