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CABARET THE PRODUCTION      For the past 7 years I have enjoyed photographing the dress rehearsals for Center Stage and am always amazed by their performances. I am sharing with you a few pictures I snapped as they practiced. They really put the time in to get it right. I try to “give it my all” as well in my photography business. It makes a difference and shows in the final product. I have to say that I am impressed by their hard work and dedication. The kids are uber talented!!! Check out their website for more information. http://www.centerstagetheatercompany.org/  You should try to catch this show! It will be running for the next two weeks. Tickets go fast! All performances at The Dairy Center For the Arts in Boulder.   Tickets on sale through The Dairy.   Show Dates  
7:00 pm – 7/13, 7/14, 7/15, 7/18, 7/19, 7/20, 7/21 
1:00 pm – 7/14, 7/21, 7/22
Ticket Prices
$17.00 for center seats,  $13 for side...

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Summer Offer

Parents- Don’t Miss This!  When we photograph your High School Senior, you are eligible for a FREE FAMILY PORTRAIT session. A savings of $125.00! Your portrait can be photographed any time before your child graduates. You choose the location!

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You won’t see this in your backyard – Unless you live in Israel!

Blogging is one of those things I’m “supposed” to do but rarely do it – as you can see from my blogging history. However, today is a new day and off I go down the blogging trail… My first item of “bloggage” is a picture I constructed in Israel. I say “constructed” because it is three separate pictures with separate exposures melded into one. Notice the detail in the bright clouds as well as the detail in the dark rocky ground – pretty cool huh! ...

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