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     The beauty of photography is that you are never done. There’s always more to learn, always more experimenting, more trial and error. “Photo stitching” is one of those fun to play with things.        Above is a panorama of an amphitheater in Israel. It is comprised of ten individual vertical photographs stitched together. There are a number of software options for this but I used Photoshop and it seemed to work fairly...

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Visiting Israel

Earlier this year our family had the privilege of visiting Israel. All I can say is “Wow”! For years I would read about places and locations that were in the Bible. Then, I found myself standing in those very places and seeing road signs directing us to places like Bethlehem, Nazareth, Megiddo, etc. Not that I questioned if these places were real but actually being there solidified the reality in my mind.  Check out the rainbow over the Sea of Galilee!...

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The "Perfect Storm"

This could very well be one of my all time favorite pictures that I have taken this summer. All of the elements came together to create the “Perfect Storm”, or shall I say the “perfect picture”. I love the depth of this picture created by the flowers in the foreground and the mix of light and dark greenery in the background. Not to mention the sunlight on her hair and check out that light on her face – thank you Pocket Wizard! http://www.pocketwizard.com/ I tried reproducing this picture a week later but alas, the sun didn’t do it’s job. I needed the perfect time of day as...

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Video Promo Tells The Story

What a kick to have a son who enjoys making videos on his Mac Laptop. I advertise through Dex and they made a default video with many pictures that I didn’t take – quite cheesy ones at that! So, what’s better than hiring my kid and seeing what he can do. Take a look at the video!

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Senior Session Testimonial

Oliver Photography sincerely appreciates our customer’s feedback. A senior portrait session with Gina Ogg (above) at the Denver Zoo produced so many great pictures that we selected this one to include in this year’s brochure! Thank you for trusting us with your photographic needs, and your kind words of support are humbling. Here is a note from the Ogg family-           “Thank you so much for sending a copy of your new photo brochure!  It was a thrill to see one of Gina’s senior photos in your brochure – and it just happens to be my favorite one too!  That was such a fun day – and you both are so great to work with. You put a high value on what the customer wants to create, which is just one of the keys to your success!”                                                                                                         – BARB OGG SENIOR MOM...

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A Fun Picture to Create!

Senior portrait sessions are fun, creative, and unique. Every session is different because expressing your individuality is what the final product should be. I try to do my absolute best to prepare my clients for their sessions by communicating every request and detail to insure that the photographs are true to who they are. After all…High School Seniors are leaving their picture stamped in time to look back on and remember this part of their lives.   This past year, a particular session with Devin Jarko produced a memorable photograph of him on the Monarch High School football field. I played around with my editing skills and constructed this final piece seen here. (I spent extra time on the lighting details.) You can detect pride and stability in his glowing expression, while the ominous clouds above tell a story on its own.  Like they say… “Come rain or shine, the game must go...

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