20 Years in Business Against all Odds


Family Photo

If you knew that you had a 95% chance of failing at a business would you proceed? Here are some headlines that could make you think twice;

“95% of Photography Businesses Fail”,
“Sorry, Photography Students, but it’s Time to Find Something Else to do”.

Good thing I didn’t know anything about these statistics and headlines 20 years ago when I launched Oliver Photography!

I can’t take full credit for my success and there are many people to thank. My wife, Sally, would be right up there at the top of the list for standing by me, supporting me and taking the risk with me to make it work. Wayne Dozier was a wonderful mentor and friend that gave direction, critiques and advice. Then there are the amazing clients who entrusted me with their memories of those special times in their lives. The city of Louisville and the Chamber of Commerce are on the thank you list for supporting small businesses.

Oliver Photography is a rare commodity these days in regards to a full functioning photography business. While society has fully embraced the digital photographic evolution and enjoys the benefits of amazing technology, I still see the need and demand for professional portraits on a daily basis. Having a printed photographic record of your children and family is part of your historical legacy and having these images is priceless. While this generation of children and families are the most photographed in human history, the physical photographic images are never printed. That’s a scary thought when you look back at how fast technology had changed in just the past 5 years. Digital images aren’t as safe as some would like to believe. Whether you do your own photography or visit me, make sure to have actual photographs done. This is the heritage you will be leaving your children and grandchildren.